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The April numbers are out and it’s the first month of stats that began and ended under our stay-at-home order. Real estate is considered an “essential industry” with some restrictions. Open houses are no longer happening, and probably won’t be for a while, but showings have continued and people are still buying homes. Condos? Not...


One of my best friends is a skilled finish carpenter. I believed the only reason why he was and I wasn’t was that he had more experience. Ha. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! In order to get myself closer to his level, I’d start all sorts of projects. I would start them, get stuck, call Mikey and he’d come...

I'll admit that this video is a little embarrassing. We bought our house with all intentions of updating the master bathroom, then life happened. Now, it's time to sell (Have you heard that we're moving to New Orleans?) and leaving it as-is would kill us when buyers walk through, unless they want to reminisce about that one awesome episode of Magnum P.I.

It’s a big, beautiful world. (If you’re reading all the way down here, you deserve some positivity.)

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