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November 13, 20190

This is the “before” pic of step #1 to get the 80’s out of our house. Do you see that little, brown, colonial looking trim around the windows? They used the same stuff for base moulding and I can’t stand it. To put it in perspective, when this was a construction site, there’s a good chance the guys installing these distracting brown toothpicks around the windows were listening to the soundtrack of “Footloose” on cassette.

I’m lucky enough to have a friend who happens to be a great architect. He told me the one thing that will take the 1984 out of a home more than any other is to change all of the trim and base to the bigger, clean, more contemporary looking stuff. It’s going up now and I’ll post an update.

There are two other 80’s-licious things in this shot that gotta go: popcorn ceilings and a ton of brown brick around the fireplace. Their days are numbered.


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