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January 14, 20200

It’s funny. Up to this point in our 80’s Removal Project, we’ve been feeling pretty good about ourselves.Yeah, it’s been inconvenient, but we’re pretty chill people. We can Zen our way through it. Then yesterday happened.

It started with me trying to put new hinges on the door frames upstairs and hang the doors. There are precious few things that frustrate me like not being able to accomplish what I believe to be basic home improvement projects. I couldn’t get the door lined up with the hinges. Google was no help. Once I got some tips from Zac, who’s doing most of the home improving in this project (the future owners will be relieved to know), I got them all lined up and the door was hung. Sweet! I tried to close the door. That’s when the expletives were unleashed. I’d put the door-side hinges on upside down. Frustration level DEFCON 5.

When I went downstairs, it looked like this, except painters in hazmat suits were walking around and spraying. I went to get a refreshing beverage, but the kitchen was hermetically sealed. It was at that point that I realized we’ve hit the, “This sucks,” stage of the project. Every big project has one. I think every Realtor needs to go through one before they start throwing out suggestions to sellers about all of the fancy things they can do to get ready for the market. It’s real estate karma.

Here’s what it looked like after everybody left yesterday. I thought it would add a creepy dramatic soundtrack if I exaggerated my breathing, while walking around. Instead, it sounds like I’m having an asthma attack.

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