CommunityAirbnb and New Orleans providing places to stay for COVID-19 frontline responders

April 21, 20200

Airbnb has baggage of all sorts in New Orleans, but this is all positive. Good samaritans across the city have been offering up their vacant short-term rental properties to first responders and medical workers who can’t stay at home, for fear of infecting their families. Now Airbnb, the city of New Orleans and other organizations have created the Airbnb Frontline stays program to provide more accommodations for the selfless people bravely working the front lines of this pandemic.

Airbnb is paying the hosts to help make these stays possible. The hosts, in turn, have some guests at their properties, although they are required to follow the program’s cleaning and safety protocols. Most importantly, health care workers and first responders have a clean, comfortable place to stay while avoiding the chances of bringing the virus home to their loved ones.

If you are a host, a COVID-19 responder looking for a place to stay, or an individual wanting to support the fund, learn more about the program here and scroll to the bottom for the appropriate links to get started.

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