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July 14, 20200

That’s a question I always ask my buyers during our first meeting. It’s an awkward word but a great way to find out where the center of our search circle will be. About 90% of the time, that answer is work-related, and the radius of that search circle depends on the buyer’s definition of an acceptable commute. This concept is starting to look soooooo 2019.

COVID-19 has changed the way many of us work. The work-from-home genie isn’t going back in the bottle, and that will have a profound effect on where people decide to live.

So, what will your epicenter be? If you no longer need to go to an office, how does that impact where you want to call home? The popular theory among real estate experts is that buyers are all headed for the hills. If the office becomes wherever you want it to be, there will be an exodus from cities similar to the run for the ‘burbs in the mid to late 20th century. I’m sure some will flock to larger lot sizes and a more peaceful setting, but we’re all wired differently. Many will be leaning in the other direction, myself included. After months of isolation and distancing, being closer to more people can appeal, too.

At some point, this pandemic will be behind us. Having a meal in a busy restaurant and striking up conversation with a stranger at the next table will be a routine thing again. Musicians will be on stage, and we’ll all feel it and dance together. I don’t know about you, but having that – and others to share it with – in close proximity has never looked better.

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