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August 21, 20200

Times are about to get a lot harder for too many of our fellow New Orleanians. In late July, the last of the eviction protections expired in Louisiana. By law, landlords have to give tenants 30 days notice before commencing eviction procedures. and that notice will expire for many renters next week. Early indications look dire. A city court clerk recently told WWL-TV that they’ll be extending hours to handle the surge. One resident agent alone is bringing 250 eviction cases to his court.

I wrote a blog post about how this will hit the rental market and the real estate market in general. That’s important information to have, but we could be only a week or two away from having a staggering number of people in our city without a place to live. Many will need assistance. If you have the means to donate money, clothing, diapers, toiletries, or time, here are some organizations to contact and inquire about their specific needs:

– New Orleans Women’s & Children’s Shelter
– Travelers Aid Society of New Orleans
– Covenant House
– Unity of Greater New Orleans
– New Orleans Mission
– Ozanam Inn

Now is the time to do a little research, find the organization(s) that speaks to you and start warming up that helping hand.

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