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September 15, 20200

Zumper, a rental search site, put together a fascinating “migration report”. One of its cool features is the ability to get city-specific, showing where most of the searches inbound are coming from and where the people wanting to move out of the city are looking. The highest number of inbound searches to New Orleans originated from Houston, followed by Orlando/Daytona Beach/Melbourne, Mobile/Pensacola, Tampa/St. Pete, and Denver. (We’re obviously trend-setters.)

Not surprisingly, the outbound searches show that New Orleanians don’t want to move too far away from home. Mobile/Pensacola was the most popular search, followed by Biloxi/Gulfport, Houston, Baton Rouge, and Atlanta. With the exception of Atlanta, it looks like people are looking at less expensive places to live which are still close to New Orleans.

Check it out for yourself and use the interactive map to search 100 different cities.

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