CommunityOrleans Parish Residents Can Vote Early at Smoothie King Center – Here’s How

September 24, 20200

We’re expecting unprecedented voter turnout in the upcoming election. That’s great for democracy, but there’s concern polling locations could be overwhelmed on Election Day itself. Fortunately, there’s an alternative for Orleans Parish residents that promises to provide plenty of room to distance and stay safe.

The Pelicans announced that Smoothie King Center will be an early voting location. Early voting statewide will run from October 16th through October 27th, every day but Sundays. Keep in mind that you can only vote in your own parish, so this option is only for Orleans Parish residents.

There will be other locations for early voting, but what makes Smoothie King so attractive is the sheer amount of space to spread out and the ease of parking, especially compared to City Hall. (Will concessions be open so we can enjoy a cool one while waiting in line? I’m guessing no.)

Absentee ballots are another option for a safer way to vote, but In-person, early voting is the best way to ensure your ballot is cast and that it can’t be tossed out due to a technicality.

Please take a moment to make sure that you’re registered to vote. You can confirm your status here at the Secretary of State’s site.

Here are some more helpful links to get your ballot in early and be confident that your vote will be counted:

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