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October 8, 20200

Just about every city has some sort of “Best of (City)” publication. The reaction to them has been the same everywhere I’ve lived. First, there’s the excitement when it’s released. “Ooh! ‘Best of…’ is out. Grab one and we’ll bring it home.” Then it’s read with disgust. “Ugh. Really? Out of all of the fine luxury pet spas in this town, they pick that dump?!? These people have no idea what they’re talking about.” It’s kept on the coffee table for three months, just in case.

Gambit’s Best Of New Orleans came out last week (incidentally, featuring our Bywater UPS driver, Jay, on the cover – a story for another day). The Gambit is the kind of thing you pick up while you’re out and about, but we’re doing a lot less outing and abouting in 2020. As a result, it might have passed you by, along with this annual opportunity to feel your taste is so much better than everybody else’s. That’s an important part of maintaining a healthy self-esteem, so here’s a link to this year’s issue. Let the condescension commence!

By the way, as I was looking for the link to last week’s issue, I saw that this week’s Gambit has an article reporting on how dire the situation is for live music venues – particularly those that are black-owned and outside the usual tourist areas. It’s definitely worth a read.

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