House HuntingI Dig This PlaceWhat the...?It’s Just a Warehouse in Algiers…With Yoko Ono’s Bentley Inside

October 28, 20200

I love that searching for homes in New Orleans leads to so many, “What the…?” moments. For instance, I was looking through Algiers Point and saw a $750,000 listing close to Opelousas Avenue. I clicked on it, and…wow! Wait. What?!?!?

From the property description: “Warehouse houses a vintage Rolls Royce & Bentley collection that is also for sale.” But it’s not just any old Rolls and Bentley collection. A Rolls Royce that was previously owned by Brian Epstein, manager of The Beatles? Got it. Yoko Ono’s blue Bentley? Sure. I don’t know who owned these two groovy works of art and I don’t care. They’re fantastic.

Click here to gawk at the rest of the cars and this one-of-a-kind listing from Hill C. Riddle from Hill Riddle, Jr. & Associates, LLC.

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