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November 9, 20200

Many of us take note of Veterans Day because banks are closed and we don’t get mail. We carefully word a social media post expressing our gratitude to those who have served in the military and then move on with our day off. For some reason, last year was different for me, and I’m grateful that it was.

I’ve always made a point of thanking people I see in uniform for their service. It’s the least I can do. I recognized last year that it literally is the least I can do. It felt like I was saying, “Thank you for serving our country so I don’t have to.”

Only 7% of us have served in the military. In addition to being grateful for their service, don’t we, the other 93%, have a responsibility to serve to make this a better country for all of us? Yes, in my opinion, we do, and no, I’m not enlisting in the military at this point in my life. That has the makings of a madcap comedy or an international incident. Perhaps both.

Let us all find something that does good (and feels good) and make it happen. The needs and opportunities are nearly infinite. Be a mentor. Tutor a second or third grader who’s having a hard time reading. If you’re passionate about the environment, check out The Green Project.

Let’s make this Veteran’s Day our own call to service, and make THAT the very least we can do to thank those who have bravely served our country.

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