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December 15, 20200

In a city full of unique properties, this one stands out. I was looking at listings in the 7th Ward when this one caught my eye. How could it not?

Inside the beautiful, mural-adorned walls is…a completely renovated church. You wouldn’t think a church can easily convert to a residence, but this one absolutely could. If you leave the celebration hall as-is, your new great room will make quite an impression.

Check out the lines and light in this space, which I believe is at the back of the building.

Cool, right? Yes, it needs a kitchen. And a shower or tub. And maybe a couple more walls. Regardless, this has incredible potential to be a breathtaking, and large (2,762 square feet) home. Putting in a new kitchen and expanding bathrooms will be expensive, so it might be priced a little high at $499,900, but how do you find comps for a church?

This property is listed by Katie Witry and Al Sidhom at Witry Collective. If you want to see more photos, and yes, you do, click here to see the full listing,

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