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February 11, 20210

Krewe of Red Beans’ response to the COVID crisis continues to blow me away. First, they rolled out Feed the Front Line NOLA, which paid our local restaurants to feed front line medical workers. Feed the Second Line NOLA supported the younger culture bearers of New Orleans by employing them to deliver food to the older culture bearers.

More recently, they raffled off house float installations as a way to support the artists who suffered from the parade cancellations. Krewe of Red Beans doesn’t only support those who are bearing the brunt of this pandemic. They invest time and effort to find creative ways to maximize the relief. It’s so thoughtful and so smart.

Which brings us to their most recent effort: Bean Coins. We all know that neighborhood bars are fighting for their business lives right now. Bean coins are, in effect, are a bar tab that you can cash in between 12th night and Halloween, 2022. The “coins” themselves are cool as heck, created out of recycled glass from Glass Half Full.

Devin can explain it far better than I can:

This is such a smart way to help get our neighborhood bars through the worst of this COVID nightmare. For a little more background, you can read Ian McNulty’s article that gets more in depth on the situation bars find themselves in right now.

I raise my glass to you, Krewe of Red Beans. You all are killing it.

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