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March 3, 20210

When I walked in the front door to talk with the owner about listing this incredible property in the 7th Ward, I just about passed out. Just press the play button and you’ll understand.

The Bernard Villa, as it’s called, began in the 1860s as a citrus plantation. It’s a classic, double-parlored center hall with 14-foot ceilings that has an incredible feel to it. The seller is an architect, who sealed the original, distressed plaster walls in her main unit. There are four units in all, and they all have history and charm to spare.

At 5,550 square feet, all on a huge double lot, putting this video together took a lot of time. There’s a lot to work with. While we were putting the finishing touches on it, three offers came in, and my seller is already under contract. But this property is so fantastic, it’s worth watching the video to take it all in, and you can see how I market my listings as a lagniappe.



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