CommunityBYOR – Bring Your Own Recycling (Because the City Won’t Pick It Up)

November 2, 20210

If you live in New Orleans, all of that recycling you put out on your curb every week is getting thrown in with the trash. It’s been that way since Ida, and it will stay that way for the rest of this year, at least.

What are you supposed to do with your recycling now? The city’s Recycling Drop-Off Center on Elysian Fields had been open twice each month, but it’s now open every Saturday from 8am-1pm. The Department of Sanitation says you should “plan for longer than normal wait times,” while bringing your recycling to them.

Before you load your bins into the back of a pickup and take it to the drop-off center, it’s apparently not that easy. While I was searching how to avoid all of this stuff ending up a landfill, I came across this sentence on the Department of Sanitation’s site: “Sorting is not required; however, citizens should separate paper, metals, cardboard and plastics, which are disposed of through different processes.” Ummmm…isn’t that sorting?

When we get back to our normal, curbside recycling routine depends on where you live, and how much faith you have when the city uses the word “may”. This is from their Facebook post on the issue: “The City anticipates that curbside recycling collection may resume in Service Area 2 when the new contract begins in early 2022; curbside recycling collection may resume in Service Area 1 by the end of 2021.” You can click here to find out which service area you’re in.

Glass Half Full NOLA has also temporarily suspended their drop-off for glass recycling. They’ve had one-off openings, though, so check their website regularly like I do to see when you can turn your glass back into sand again.

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