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June 28, 20220

The skyrocketing cost of homeowner’s insurance in New Orleans has become a hot topic of conversation around the Rêve office. First of all, it’s causing havoc in some of our transactions. We’re finding buyers pre-approved by primarily out-of-town lenders who suddenly lose their approval because the actual premiums are much higher than what the lender estimated. Secondly, we’re homeowners, too, and we’re spitting coffee on our laptops when we open the emails with our own rate hikes. (Well, some of us are. The others are spitting their old fashioneds because they read personal emails during cocktail hour.)

The subject came up during last week’s office meeting and some of our agents said they saved a lot of money by switching to USAA. WAIT! Before you move on, thinking you don’t qualify for USAA because you weren’t in the military, don’t be so sure. If your spouse, former spouse, or one of your parents served in the military, and is or was a USAA member, you’re most likely eligible. However, if your parent who served passed away without becoming a member, you’re out of luck. Take a minute to answer these questions at the USAA site to see if you meet the requirements.

Here’s why you want to check — after the meeting, two agents checked into it and qualified. One saved $1,000 and the other $1,500. That will buy an awful lot of Kopi Luwak coffee or artisinal bitters for your adult beverages.  Obviously, your savings might be different, but it’s worth your while to give it a shot.

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