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January 7, 20230

It wasn’t the most entertaining 90 minutes I’ve spent in New Orleans, but it was interesting.

The City Planning Commission held a virtual meeting Thursday (1/5) to get public input on the new short-term rental regulations they need to create and pass before the end of March. There was plenty, and it ran the gamut from, “Ban all STRs,” to “Remove all regulations and let the marketplace sort it out.” Ah…America.

It was a great way to get a peek at the thoughts swirling around the heads of the planning commission. Most of the replies from the commissioners started with, “We’re looking into…,” but there was one thing that sounded certain: If you currently have a residential STR permit, you will not get any preferential treatment when then new rules are enacted. As unfair as that may sound, they have no other choice. A federal judge found the rules to obtain that permit were unconstitutional, so the city has to wipe the slate completely clean.

Over the course of the Zoom call, the commission kept to returning to these concepts:

  • Limit the number of STR licenses granted per block: There’s no indication yet of what that number would be. As straightforward as this sounds, there are some complications to be worked out. What if there’s a hotel or bed and breakfast (different licenses than STR) already on the block? If there are more people who meet the new requirements than there are licenses to give out, it sounds like there would be a lottery.
  • Require there to be an owner or manager on site: One way to limit the number of problem short-term rentals is to make sure there’s a responsible party on the property. The devil is in the details with this requirement. If you rent out a guest house on your property, would you be allowed to have guests while you’re visiting the in-laws in Pittsburgh?
  • Require the license holder to be a person, not a business entity: This makes all kinds of sense, but the cynic in me thinks the corporations they’re trying to limit will find some sort of workaround.

The commission also said they’re allowed to revisit the STR bans in the Garden District and the Quarter, but the way they addressed it makes me think that probably won’t change.

If you’d like to watch the meeting for yourself, here’s your ticket to 90 minutes of bliss:

Passcode: 4Wh!PfP^

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