You Gotta Feel It

Data is important. Square footage, number of beds and baths, price per square foot — they’re all important. But if you don’t feel it, none of it matters.
The best real estate decisions are made when the head and the gut agree. Dave has been helping people (and their associated parts) find that common ground since 2000 as a full-time Realtor. Clients consistently say they appreciate Dave’s ease in making what can be a stressful and overwhelming process a lot less so, even bordering on enjoyable. At least, until the actual moving of stuff happens. Ain’t nothing can make that fun.

Dave most definitely feels New Orleans, which has generously provided him with a life-changing assortment of friendships, experiences, memories, and most importantly, his wife. While New Orleans has always felt like home, it’s official now, which makes him officially excited to help current and future New Orleanians find out what the right home feels like.
It’s a big, beautiful world. (If you’re reading all the way down here, you deserve some positivity.)

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