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Somehow, some way, it’s been six months since Mindy and I rolled into the Bywater. The schedule we laid out at the beginning of 2020 was solid. We’d arrive in late March or early April, make our initial push to unpack and set up, with breaks for Easter parades and French Quarter Fest. Then, we’d...


We’re expecting unprecedented voter turnout in the upcoming election. That’s great for democracy, but there’s concern polling locations could be overwhelmed on Election Day itself. Fortunately, there’s an alternative for Orleans Parish residents that promises to provide plenty of room to distance and stay safe. The Pelicans announced that Smoothie King Center will be an...


Times are about to get a lot harder for too many of our fellow New Orleanians. In late July, the last of the eviction protections expired in Louisiana. By law, landlords have to give tenants 30 days notice before commencing eviction procedures. and that notice will expire for many renters next week. Early indications look...

It’s a big, beautiful world. (If you’re reading all the way down here, you deserve some positivity.)

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